Using WillMaker When Living Abroad


Can I use WillMaker if I live outside of the U.S.?


If your permanent residence is outside of the United States, you should not use WillMaker. If you are out of the country temporarily –- for school, a job or because you serve in the military, you probably still have ties with a particular state that make it your legal residence. In that case, you can still use WillMaker. For example, if you were born in Wisconsin, lived there for many years, are registered to vote there and receive mail there in care of your parents, who still live in Milwaukee, then Wisconsin is your legal residence for purposes of making a will even if you are spending three months on sabbatical in Europe.

If you're not sure where you legally reside, consult a lawyer.

Also, do not use WillMaker for property you own in another country. The WillMaker will is designed only for domestic holdings.