Foreign Property


I own property in another country. Can I use my WillMaker will to pass that property onto my children?


No, don't use the WillMaker will to pass on property you own in another country. Instead, have an attorney help you with your estate plan. The laws of the other country may affect how the property passes to beneficiaries and it may also affect your estate's taxes.

Choose a lawyer who has experience dealing with foreign property because he or she will need to understand or learn the other country's laws, as well as any international laws that might apply. If necessary, your lawyer can work with an attorney in that country to ensure that local rules are understood.

To be clear, you can use WillMaker to name beneficiaries for property you own in any U.S. state, but if you own property in another country (or in any of the U.S. territories), you need help from an attorney.